TR 700


The TR 700 cartridge gun applies hot-melt adhesives from 310 ml aluminium cartridges in dots, beads, or other standard nozzle forms.








The TR 700 lets you apply hot-melt adhesive as dots and lines. The hot-melt adhesive is extruded through air pressure. Pneumatic glue guns increase work speed and simplify exact dosing of the glue.

The working-temperature of the glue applicator is controlled by a thermostat and set to 120°C.

The TR 700 glue gun uses 310 ml aluminium hot-melt glue cartridges, which for instance can contain PUR-hot-melt glue or POR-hot-melt adhesive. The cartridges can be swapped easily and hassle-free. The optional cartridge pre-heater KVG heats up the glue before use and increases the possible glue output per hour.

The number of possible application patterns is widely extended by the Reka nozzle range. Almost all of the offered nozzles can be used with every Reka glue gun in combination with a separate adapter.


1400 g

Power Supply

120V (60 Hz) / 230V (50 Hz) on


Power Consumption

600 Watt

Current consumption

1,75 A

Degree of protection


Class of protection

IP 30

Temperature control


Temperature limitation

temperature monitor

Operating temperature

120 °C

Consistency of temperature

± 5 °C

Heat-up time

3 - 10 min.

Gross Tank Capacity

310 ml

Conveying system

Air pressure

Operating pressure

0,5 - 6 bar

Length of electric cord


Length of air tube


Length of connection kit


Recommended melts

310 ml hot-melt cartridges



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