Non-loading kV Metering Kit


The Nordson non-loading kV meter measures actual ouput voltage of liquid and powder coating operations in an industrial environment with laboratory precision. It is designed to allow virtually no current to be conducted through it.




Non-Loading kV Metering Kit Literature




With an ultra-high internal impedance of 100 giga ohms (100x109 ohms), the Nordson kV meter conducts no more than 1 micro-amp of current at 100kV, making it possible to measure power supply output in virtually open-circuit conditions for maximum security.

  • 100 giga ohm internal resistance conducts no more than 1μΑ of current at 100kV to provide maximum accuracy when measuring voltage output in virtually open-circuit conditions
  • Accuracy of +/-1% of the meter reading in 0 to 200 kV range provides precise measurements needded for system diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Securely grounded, ergonomic handle assures safe, easy operation
  • Durable, lightweight attache case facilitates transposrtation and storage of unit


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