SureSeal™ Non-Contact Sift-Proof Gun


Sift-proof systems provide high-integrity barrier seals that eliminate product loss caused by granular products sifting and dusting through seams and openings ar carton carners. In addition, these seals prevent foreign particles, insects or moisture from entering liner-less cartons. The Nordson SureSeal non-contact sift-prood gun surpasses the performance of conventional, multi-bead guns.


  • Improves adhesive usage by 25 - 50% compared to pneumatic sift-proof systems.
  • Installs quickly and easily with integrated, slotted gun mounting bracket.
  • Optimize adhesive pattern length using high-speed, high-flow module design reducing stringing and angel hair for cleaner operation.
  • Allows changes in carton size and style with minimum downtime using quick-change nozzle plates and nozzle blanks.




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