Miniblue® II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns


Miniblue II adhesive applicators providethe longest service life of any pneumatic gun in the packaging industry. You will reduce maintenance, downtime and replacement parts costs with MiniBlue II guns.

Use MiniBlue II hot melt applicators with OptiBond™ solutions to reduce adhesive use and reduce material costs up to 50 percent.

The Miniblue II family of adhesive applicators gives you the flexibility to meet a wide range of packaging application needs. Applicator choices include:

  • MiniBlue II slim line applicators
  • MiniBlue II standard (wide) body applicators
  • MiniBlue II low-profile applicators
  • MiniBlue II SureBead® self-cleaning applicators

The ball-and-seat design and patented hydraulic seal deliver long life without leakage. Packaging adhesives can be applied at high speeds with adhesive dispensing times as low as 2 milliseconds.

Compact size also makes MiniBlue II applicators ideal for applications with close compression sections and limited machinery space.








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