GP200 remote Metring Stations


GP200 remote metering stations expand production capabilities by increasing delivery points of existing melters with metered add-on precision. They provide an economical alternative to purchasing an additional melter, converting from non-metered delivery, or adding application points.

  • Expand application delivery points by adding one or more pumping stations between a melter and the point of application.
  • Improve pattern consistency and quality with metered delivery to control pressure drops that can cause hammerheads, incosistent add-on rates per product and burn-through on heat-sensitive substrates.
  • Choose from serve or AC drives, and one or two single- or dual-stream metering pumps in a wide range of outputs.
  • Monitor adhesive temperature and pressures via the melter control system or an auxiliary control module.
  • Link multiple stations together to add pumping capacity and reduce total hose length, while minimizing adhesive degradation, downtime and service.




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