Universal™ Control Coat® Nozzles


Universal Control Coat nozzles enhance hot melt adhesive pattern uniformity and improve product features afro breathability, permeability and softness. They are used on continuous and intermittent webs for high-quality nonwovens and textile products.

Nozzles are compatible with several Nordson Universal modules, including the UM25 module for continuous and less demanding intermittent operations, Speed-Coat® module for high-speed intermittent lines, high-speed electrically actuated E400U module, and UM3 modules for metering applications.

  • Produce non-contact fibrous coatings on irregular surfaces.
  • Reduce web distortion on thermally fragile webs, or those susceptible to bleed-through because adhesive cools priors to web contact.
  • Manage pattern precision to meet specific product attributes by manipulating pattern air flow to alter coating density.
  • Dispense uniform patterns and bonds with sharp and square side, leading and trailing edges.
  • Protect against damage or incidental contact due to recessed nozzle tips.
  • Select nozzles in 25-millimeters increments for full coverage or 5-millimeter increments for partial coverage. Partial-coverage nozzles are available in side-justified or centered designs.




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