Universal™ CF Nozzles


Universal CF nozzles deliver consistent hot melt adhesive spray coverage, high bond strengths and low add-on rates. Nozzles are compatible with all Nordson pneumatically and electrically actuated Universal modules, as well as Universal applicators.

  • Achieve high-strength bonds with production-proven non-contact spray performance.
  • Improve intermittent performance and heat transfer to nozzle tip without an intermediate adaptor.
  • Speed changeovers and reduce inventory with single-platform Universal module compatibility.
  • Increase service life with recessed conical nozzle tip that protects against damage.
  • Reduce overspray, creep and adhesive usage up to 30 percent with CF elastic-coating nozzles.




Universal CF Nozzles Product Literature

Universal Spray Nozzles Comparison

Universal Modules and Nozzles Brochure





Universal CF Nozzles Application Video









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