Universal™ Modules


Universal modules deliver advanced performance for accurate hot melt adhesive dispensing. A single-platform design simplifies in-house rebuilding and reduces maintenance and inventory costs. Modules accommodate many Nordson technologies, including Universal CF®, Summit™, SureWrap™, Control Coat®, Signature™, bead and dot nozzles.

  • Eliminate the need for application-specific equipment and reduce inventory costs with Universal modules in widths of 22, 25 and 50 millimeters.
  • Simplify rebuilding with factory preassembled seal cartridge that improves rebuild quality and minimizes service time using simple tools.
  • Choose from several kits for minor or major rebuilding.
  • Perform quick nozzle changes using a patented single-screw clamp mechanism, enabling fast changeovers.
  • Select from a variety of nozzles to dispense downward and at right angles.
  • Improve high-speed hot melt adhesive spray dispensing with the Universal Speed-Coat® module that provides sharp cutoff of leading and trailing patter edges.
  • Maximize metering performance with UM3 Universal modules to improve adhesive add-on precision during intermittent operation.
  • Improve adhesive coverage with the 50-millimeter-wide UM50 module for wide-web continuous coating and slow-speed intermittent laminating applciations.
  • Enhance process control and reduce product waste using Universal UM22, UM25 or Speed-Coat modules with the Nordson Optistroke™ needle stroke detections system.




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