Universal™ Slice Applicator


Universal Slice applicators provide cost-efficient production flexibility by dispensing different hot melt adhesive spraying and coating patterns from a single applicator. Users can concurrently produce multiple applications, including lamination, stabilization, and elastic or tape attachment.

Applicators aer compatible with Universal UM3 metering modules that accept CF®, Summit™, SureWrap™, Control Coat®, Signature™ and meltblown spray nozzles.

  • Produce multiple applications simultaneously to lower capital investment and operating costs.
  • Minimize ashesive usage and raw material costs with metering add-on precision during intermittent operations.
  • Improve pattern stability and increase web-routing options with angled manifold.
  • Dispense consistent patterns using less power consumption with improved heating efficiency of thin-film integrated air heaters.
  • Gain durability and add-on accuracy with separate return flow path for adhesive recirculation.




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