Wide Web Spray Lamination Applicator


Wide Web Spray lamination applicators provide exceptional control of hot melt adhesive fiber deposition with low add-on rates. Controlled adhesive fiber deposition in a cross-web direction improves bond performance.

  • Product high-loft tissue and towels with softness of hand and no visible adhesive residue.
  • Increase bond strength and prevent substrate distortion with superior control of adhesive fiber size, density and pattern width.
  • Reduce adhesive consumption and improve product appearance with add-on rates as low as 1 gram per square meter at over 650 mpm.
  • Minimize adhesive waste with edge control within +/- 2 mm without overspray.
  • Gain pattern flexibility with adhesive fiber sizes ranging from 50 to 100 microns.
  • Produce low-density large-fiber patterns for maximum bond strength, open patterns for absorbency, or highly dense fine-fiber patterns for heat-sensitive substrates.
  • Choose from nozzles in full- and partial-width designs, providing a high degree of pattern-width resolution.
  • Choose from many nozzles designs.




Summit Lamination Applicator Product Literature

Non-Contact Wide-Web Laminating Applicators Product Literture



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