SolidBlue™ Hot Melt Dispensing Guns


SolidBlue guns feature EasyOn™ module mounting and are direct replacement for Nordson H-400 and H-440 series guns. SolidBlue guns amd modules provide up to twice the service life of other guns, reducing module replacement costs.

SolidBlue hot melt dispensing guns are available in two styles:

  • SolidBlue S gun: Air-open/spring-close (AO/SC) with ball and seat.
  • SolidBlue A gun: Air-open/ air-close (AO/AC) with ball and seat.




  • Identify actuation characteristics (AO/SC or AO/AC) with color-coded, cool-touch module covers.


  • Improve ease-of-installation and safety with EasyOn module mounting.


  • Monitor module and seal performance via an inspection port on front of gun module.


  • Extend module life with Myritex™ seals.









SolidBlue Hot Melt Dispensing Guns Product Literature





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