Concert™ Σειρά Ελεγκτών Ροής


Concert flow controllers enable real-time flow monitoring and control when used with Nordson TruFlow™ devices - meters, dividers or applicators. This variation management capability helps improve material delivery and dispensing so manufacturers reduce waste, improve product quality and enhance production efficiency.


Basic Concert flow controllers monitor or control one or two dispense circuits.


Expanded Concert flow controllers monitor or control up to four dispense circuits.





  • Accurate monitor and control of up to two dispense circuits with basic Concert flow controller and up to four dispense circuits with the expanded flow controller.
  • Simplify set-up and operation using intuitive Optix™ touch screen user interface.
  • Improve operational control with data logging and graphing.
  • Easy integrate into new or existing systems.




Concert Flow Controllers Product Literature




Truflow Meter/Concert Flow Controller Optibond Solution









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