LogiComm® Ολοκληρωμένα Συστήματα Προγραμματισμού και Ανίχνευσης


Modular pattern control and verificaton systems provide a building block approach to integrating control and verification capabilities as needed. The system controls and verifies hot melt and cold adhesive placement and volume even for short runs and complex patterns. Additional verification features enhance on-line quality assurance.

  • Use in applications up to 1200 meters per minute (3937 fpm) with pattern accuracy of 0,25 mm (0.01in.).
  • Provide upgradeability by allowing installation of either pattern control of verification initially, with capability to easily integrate the other functions as needed.
  • Complete changeovers quickly with virtually unlimited memory.
  • Protect product integrity by inspecting adhesive volume and position, bar codes, overlapped or skewed substrates, cellophane windows, security tags and flap faults.





LogiComm Pattern Cotrnol & Verification System Brochure

LogiComm Systems for Nonwovens Production Brochure

LogiComm Sensors & Readers Family Brochure

BC 5100 Bar Code Scanner Technical Data Sheet

CBC 5100 Color Bar Code Reader Data Sheet

GD200 Liquid Adhesive Sensors Data Sheet

GD 500 Liquid Adhesive Smart Sensors Data Sheet

GD500 Corrugated Adhesive Sensors Data Sheet

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