Sensors & Readers


Nordosn sensors and readers deliver fully-integrated, in-line verification and detection for a wide range of process parameters. This means improved product quality and production efficiency while minimizing products defects and waste.

  • Accurately monitor:
  • Hot melt and/or cold/liquid adhesive pattern and placement
  • Printed code accuracy including bar, pharma and EAN codes
  • Substrate positioning and psecifications
  • Deal with unacceptable product by automatically pushing, marking or ejecting
  • Review production via online tracking and/or printed reports
  • Easily incorporate into OEM machinery


Nordson sensors and readers can be used with Nordson LogiComm systems to help improve your operation.




LogiComm Pattern Control & Verification System Brochure

LogiComm System for Folding Carton Manufacturing Brochure

LogiComm Systems for NonWovens Production Brochure

LogiComm Sensors & Readers Family Brochure

BC 5100 Bar Code Scanner Technical Data Sheet

CBC 5100 Color Bar code Reader Data Sheet

GD 200 Liquid Adhesive Sensors Data Sheet

GD 500 Liquid Adhesive Smart Sensors Data Sheet

GD 500 Corrugated Adhesive Sensors Data Sheet





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