Unity™ IC Series Dispensign Systems


Nordson's Unity IC Series dispensing systems provide an intelligent dispensing solution that is capable of automatically compensating bead size using an optional vision system that measures bead diameter and automatically compensated pressure to dispense the optimal bead size. Particularly valuable in mobile consumer electronics assembly, Unity systems precisely deliver ultra-thin yet strong, durable bond lines to support smaller and smaller handheld devices.

The Unity IC Series delivers consistent, customized dispensing with pneumatic modules and interchangeable nozzles. The system reduces operating costs by prolonging syringe life and minimizing bead width variation. When combined with the Unity tabletop automation system, overall accuracy and functionality are enhanced with vision guidance, linear encoded motion and easy-to-use dispensing software to optimize the process and motion control.




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Unity Series Hot Melt Dispensing

Unity Adhesive Dispensers for Consumer Electronics




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