Unity™ PURJet™ Series Dispensing Systems


Nordson® Unity PURJet dispensing systems provide accurate dispensing of heated PUR adhesives in 30 ml syringes and 300ml cartridges. Unity dispensers help extend the useful life of the syringe to maximize material use and minimize residual waste.

The PURJet system's patented technology allows for consistent and accurate dispensing of adhesive, even into small grooves and other complicated geometries.

A variety of technologies combine to meet the stringent requirements for precise material dispensing in exacting processes of handheld/portable electronics manufacturing.

  • Pneumatic modules deliver consistent dispensing and clean cutoff for beads.
  • Accommodate a wide variety of hot melt including polyurethane (PUR).
  • Optimizes adhesive wetting of substrates for improved strength and impact resistance.




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