Servo-Flo 401 Series


The Servo-Flo 401 Meter Dispense System is engineered for precision dispensing of small metered amounts of single-component adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other fluids and pastes.



These include epoxy, silicone, urethane, mastic, grease and oil. The precision positive displacement meter will dispense at variable flow rates and produce consistent beads regardless of the profile required. In addition, the system’s control panels allow multiple dispense volume and flow rate presets for over 200 different parts. The controller can vary the flow rate during the dispense cycle to accommodate part requirements.

Supply pumps or Pressure/vacuum tanks are included with No-Drip or Snuf-Bak dispense valves and system accessories such as material temperature control and material degassing equipment.


  • Positive displacement rod metering with adjustable positive rod displacement metering of one-component materials

  • Servo-drive motor provides precise bead control and shot volume

  • Dispense 1 cc to 8.5 ccs per cycle

  • Positive rod displacement technology ensures precision volume accuracy

  • Constant or variable flow rate control

  • Color touch-screen or economical keypad operator interface display panel

  • Control is easily integrated into automation control panel

  • For smaller volumes from 0.01 to 3.6 ccs see

  • Servo-Shot and Servo-Bead Micro-Meter 1 Series meters

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