Servo-Flo 502 Series Shot Meter System


The Servo-Flo 502 is a positive-displacement, 1-component, single-acting shot meter designed to produce a controlled flow of 1-component materials









Each meter is appropriately sized to provide the capacity requirements of individual applications, within the constraints of the design. 

The Servo-Flo 502 is supplied by high volume pumps and precisely meters the material to the selected dispense valve.

System Features

  • ​Servo Motor and Gear Reducer

  • Roller Screw Linear Actuator

  • Positive-displacement, Single-acting Metering Cylinder

  • Positive Displacement Metering Rod and Seal Cartridge Assembly

  • Heavy Duty Frame

  • One Inlet Valve attached to the Metering Cylinder that controls the flow of non-metered Material from a Bulk Material Supply Source into the Metering Cylinder

  • Two Sensors that detect over travel stroke positions of Meter

  • One Solenoid Valve to control the opening and closing of the Inlet Valve

  • One Rupture Disc Assembly that provides mechanical High-Pressure relief of excess pressure

  • One Pressure Transducer to provide Material pressure feedback

  • Safety Guarding around moving components

Typical Applications

  • Body Shop mastic application systems

  • Paint Shop water based sound deadener applications

  • Robotic mounted dispense valve requirements

  • Pedestal mounted dispense valve applications

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