See-Bead 1-Part Material Dispensing System


This air-oil drive and positive displacement metering unit provides highly accurate uniform beads or precise shots of single component adhesives or sealants./span>








This mechanically robust design uses electronic control of meter fluid volume and velocity (material flow rate) requirements. The meter and dispense valve divorced-design and seal selection is ideally suited to handle abrasive or filled materials.

Typical Applications

  • Automated or manual dispensing systems

  • Extrusion, streaming, spray and high speed mastic stitching applications

  • Valve end-of-arm mounting requirements

  • Pedestal mounting applications

System Features

  • One-part positive rod displacement metering provides positive displacement dispensing accuracy without the need for flow meters

  • The Air-Draulic motor drive See-Bead is engineered for automation and manual dispensing applications

  • The drive and meter are integrated into a single module for compact mounting applications

  • Its air-oil drive package provides precise positioning and smooth motion for accurate flow control, volumes and bead profiles

  • The remote No-Drip, Snuf-Bak or Tip-Seal material dispense valves are available for extruding, streaming and spraying materials

  • Meter components are designed for maximum up-time, long process life and easy maintenance

  • Light-weight components and compact design is ideal for robot EOA or pedestal mounting

  • With nearer the point-of-application metering, the See-Bead provides very good response time

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