Servo-Flo Gear Meter


The Servo-Flo Gear Meter is ideal for continuous flow dispensing applications with little or no reload.



The servo motor drive provides accurate bead profiles in single or multiple profile diameters and precise shot volumes. 

Flow rate range is designed to meet specific customer production requirements, and a wide range of one component materials may be dispensed. With precision gear metering, the Servo-Flo meter provides variable and accurate flow, allowing control that can be selectable or done via automation. 

System Features

  • Closed-loop control ensures precision flow rates

  • Accepts an external 0-10v analog signal to produce a precise bead profile or shot volume

  • Flow rate is variable during the dispense cycle

  • For shot applications, create and select one of multiple preset shot sizes

  • Create shot profiles that consist of several segments, each having its own volume and flow rate settings

  • Job shot volumes and flow rates are selected and adjusted through the operator interface

  • Volume monitoring verifies amount of material dispensed, while usage data is collected and can be downloaded

  • Optional footswitch or electric hand trigger is available for manual dispensing or manual backup

  • Contact closures wired to terminals are provided for status interlocks to customer. Discrete interlocks from customer require contact closures for our 24V DC signals

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