See-Flo 387 Series Shot Meter System

The See-Flo 387 system is a cost effective, air powered, production-proven meter/mix system for dispensing measured “shots” of low viscosity, two-component epoxy, silicone or urethane reactive resins.


The fixed ratio See-Flo 387 system is ideal for materials with 1:1 through 4:1 volumetric ratios – although other ratios are available.  The See-Flo 387 System dispenses a pre-selected amount of mixed material each time the unit is actuated. The amount of mixed material per shot is a function of the shot size adjustment and the volumetric ratio. The adjustable flow rate remains constant throughout the dispense cycle.

The volume or amount that is dispensed is regulated by the stroke length of the metering pistons. Shot size may be quickly changed by a readily accessed adjustment. A positive hard stop results in extremely accurate shot repeatability.

See-Flo 387 system includes:

  • Positive displacement meter system

  • 2 - One gallon SST supply tanks

  • Dispense valve and 25 mixers

  • 2 dispense hoses

  • Foot pedal actuator

  • Pneumatic and flow rate controls

System Features

  • Meter/mix/dispense system for use with two component, low viscosity materials

  • Shot sizes up to 32 cc (for 1:1 ratio)

  • Target shot size is configured to manufacturing requirements

  • Air powered

  • Controlled flow rate via the Air-Draulic drive system

  • Fixed ratio

  • Adjustable shot size & flow rate

  • Shot dispensing for measured amounts or “jog” dispensing for manual applications


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