Servo-Flo 105 Series Shot Meter System

The Servo-Flo 105 System is a dual servo drive meter mix dispense system for adhesive and sealant materials.


It efficiently dispenses two-component materials in high volume production or manual application environments. The system is ideal for applications demanding precision volumetric shot or bead profile dispensing of low viscosity or viscous and abrasive materials. The material is supplied by low- or high-pressure supply pumps or pressure tanks. The meter delivers on-ratio material to a wide variety of automatic or manual 2-component fluid dispense valves.

System Features

  • Dual independent meter cylinders allow selection of any material ratio setting

  • Dual servo-motor drive motors maintain preset fluid ratio and desired flow rate

  • Positive rod displacement metering technology for precision dispensing

  • Flow rate is variable during the dispense cycle while maintaining ratio specification

  • Designed for low- to high-viscosity unfilled and abrasive filled materials

  • Designed for low- and high-flow rates

  • Includes wear-resistant wetted components and long-life seals

  • Wide selection of ratio ranges

  • Wide selection of volume ranges

  • Able to vary flow rate throughout the dispense cycle

  • Frame or cart mounted meter system

  • Configured for abrasive and heated materials

  • Optional water heat/cool or electrically heated material temperature control

  • Optional material filters available

  • Carts available to support supply pumps or tanks, meter and control panel

  • Variable hose lengths to automatic or manual two-component mix and dispense valve

  • Optional foot pedal dispense control

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