Servo-Flo 704 Series Continuous Flow Meter System


Variable ratio, two-part gear meter-mix and dispense system.








The Servo-Flo 704 System dispenses high volumes of two component mixed materials. For bead applications, the system accepts a 0-10v analog signal from your automation to produce a continuously variable dispense flow rate.

For shot applications, select one of multiple preset shot profiles. A shot profile can consist of several segments, with each segment having its own volume and flow rate settings. Transitions between segments within a profile are blended, insuring smooth, uninterrupted material flow. Shot sizes and flow rates are adjustable through the operator interface.

Volume monitoring verifies amount of material dispensed, with usage data that is collected and downloaded.

In addition, the system includes auto purge with adjustable warning and fault timers and purge volume. Optional footswitch or hand trigger is also available for manual dispensing or manual backup. Contact closures, wired to terminals, are provided for status interlocks to customer. Discrete interlocks from customer require contact closures for our 24V DC signals.

System Features

  • Dual independent-drive servo gear meters electronically select any ratio without changing hardware

  • This cabinet mounted meter system accepts material from tanks or pumps

  • Closed loop position control ensures precision flow rate

  • Accepts external input signal for manual or automated dispensing

  • Delivers consistent bead profiles or precision shot volumes

  • Electronically vary bead profile diameter during dispense cycle

  • Electronically adjust flow rate during a shot or filling cycle

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