GEW Customer Spotlight Print Avia

Based near Basel in Switzerland, PrintAvia is a dedicated supplier to the global aviation industry, with customers throughout Europe and

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The GEW multi-point UV monitor (mUVm)

Originally published 13.06.2018:

An overview of the GEW multi-point UV monitor, or mUVm, giving an outline of the features and benefits.


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GEW Customer Spotlight Bergman Media

GEW customer Bergman Media specialises in lenticular printing and printing on plastics, polypropylene and other unusual substrates, for the luxury

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Die LED UV Laboranlage von GEW ‘Magic Carpet’

Originally published: 04.12.2014:

Die LED-Laboranlage von GEW macht die Entwicklung und das Testen neuer UV-Tintenrezepturen einfach, präzise und reproduzierbar.

Sie verarbeitet Muster

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GEW Showreel for Labels

GEW UV systems eliminate inefficiency and enable you to print faster for longer, with less energy and no downtime.

GEW designs

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Likora Upgrade Gravure Press with GEW UV System

In 2016 Likora upgraded the final varnishing station on one of their gravure printing lines with a new UV-curing system

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GEW NUVA2 250cm-wide fully air-cooled UV system

The NUVA2 lamp head is available in widths of up to 2.50m and boasts particularly fast switch-on and cool-down cycles

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GEW ArcLED UV for Industrial Curing Applications

Presentation by GEW on ArcLED UV curing systems for industrial applications.

ArcLED enables hybrid, interchangeable UV curing on every print station,

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Hagg Press running with GEW UV Curing at 16,000 sheets per hour

This short video filmed at Hagg Press in Illinois demonstrates the impressive power of a GEW UV curing system. The

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UV LED Lab Unit ‘Magic Carpet’

Originally published: 27.11.2014:

GEW’s LED lab systems make the task of developing and testing new UV LED ink formulations easy, accurate

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