Nordson hot melt systems

Nordson supplies a wide range of hot melt systems for many applications. To select the right system

you have to define your needs and choose among a variety of pumps, different size melters, heated hoses and guns of Nordson.You will very satisfied with your system that is easy to install, operate and service.

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Nordson cold glue systems

Nordson cold glue systems guarantee precision in the application and detection and they are easy to be installed on different production lines, with low or high pressure. They offer a wide range of contact or non contact guns, as well as the right brackets to have an ideal cold application system

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Nordson lacquer application systems for cans

Nordson is the leader in the  development of advanced lacquer application systems and induction ovens,that they are used in production of metal packaging for food and drinks.

That’s why manufactures all around the world are coming to Nordson the last 25 years,in order to find solutions based on their production needs.

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Nordson EFD, liquid precision application systems

Nordson is the globally the leading manufacturer of  precision application systems for liquids.

Small controlled quantities of liquid adhesives, sealants, lubricants and others, can be applied with precision with Nordson EFD systems.

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Nordson Non-Woven

The huge experience of Nordson in the production of non woven  provides the know how, to support the production of products like baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adults unerpads and medical. Any material that has to be applied in the production of nonwoven products, like hot melt adhesives, lotions, perfume and materials like wax, Nordson systems are designed to apply it with high  precision.

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Nordson liquid painting systems

Nordson is the world leader in precision liquid coating systems. Electrostatic or non electrostatic systems for the application of liquid painting and varnishes

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Nordson powder coating systems

Nordson manufactures a big range of powder coating systems. From simple manual to advanced automatic programmable guns, automatic recovery, quick color change plastic booths and feed centers, Nordson technologies improve productivity and flexibility to powder coating operations world wide.

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Nordson sealant equipment for 1K or 2K materials

Apllication equipment for adhesives, sealants, epoxies, silicones, oil, grease and many others.The biggest selection of systems and valves for the application of 1 or 2K materials for bonding , sealing, potting,  encapsulation and many others.

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Nordson UV systems

Nordson UV systems help manufacturers to improve productivity with lower cost. Nordson Microwave UV technology offers reliable, durable and economical solution for curing liquids paints, varnishes, powder coating, adhesives and sealants. From wood and plastic to glass and other thermally sensitive substrates, Nordson UV systems provide grange a great flexibility in the application with a precision reflectorsς .

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Nordson powder coating consumables and instruments

Nordson provides a range of consumables and instruments  for powder coating operations. From fluidizing hoppers, powder hoses, pumps, powder filters to  KV meters and thickness meters.

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